Tim Head

In 2016 I started Wild Tree Tech a Switzerland based engineering firm that builds bespoke software solutions for clients all around the world, from startups to UN organisations. Wild Tree Tech specialises in digital products that leverage machine-learning and Jupyter. Find out more over cup of tea or coffee.

Previously I was an experimental physicist working at CERN, doing science with data. Other things I am crazy about: python, machine learning, statistics and triathlons.

I have a PhD in Experimental Particle Physics plus three years post doctoral experience at CERN. During this time I have contributed to open-source software, conceived, designed and developed a four day training program for young scientists, created a project to encourage reproducible science, lead teams, and developed a better body bag for the ICRC.

Things I have done:

  • Created Project Everware which allows users to edit and run other people's code with one click, even if that code has a complicated setup or environment. The aim of the project is to encourage reusable and reproducible science. Presented it at MozFest 2015. Considered for the LHCb experiment's data analysis preservation effort.

  • Conceived, designed and developed a four day training program for young scientists: the LHCb Starterkit. It covers basic tools such as bash, git, and python (based on SWC material) as well as the LHCb data-analysis framework. Two successful events so far each with 40 participants. It is now the default training course of the collaboration.

  • Founded Social Solutions Research, a not-for-profit association dedicated to applying technology and innovation to humanitarian problems. As a team of five, we are currently contracted by the International Committee of the Red Cross to develop a better body bag for mass-casualty situations.

  • Lead two geographically distributed teams developing the simulation and pattern recognition software of two sub-detectors of the LHCb experiment to evaluate the performance and inform the design for the upgrade of the experiment.

  • Contributed code, filed bugs and reviewed code focused on tree based machine-learning methods for the open-source scikit-learn project.


I am passionate about bringing data analysis skills to a broad audience. I have experience with machine learning, data science, and project management. I offer consulting and training services to companies, institutions, individuals, and researchers -- feel free to contact with new opportunities.


If you want to get in touch, send an email.

Tim is on Twitter, and he sometimes posts pretty things to Instagram.

Free time

In my spare time I like to train for and compete in triathlons. This involves swimming, biking and running crazy long distances without a break. The aim is to complete all three sports (including transitions!) in the fastest time possible. I enjoy the challenge of planning and training as well as juggling live and work during the months before the race. Race day is a physical and mental challenge as you race against the clock and your expectations for several hours.

Location, location, location

Tim currently lives near Geneva, Switzerland. You might have met him back when he lived in one of these places:

  • Manchester, England
  • Chicago, USA
  • Frankfurt, Germany